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Johannesburg Truck & Crane Hire — the best fleet in town

We know trucks. We know what each one of our trucks does best to meet specific customer needs at any given place and time.

Johannesburg Truck & Crane Hire is your first and full stop when you need a truck or crane for any job, big or small. Our one stop solutions are anchored in an extensive vehicle range and years of experience.

Our teams are driven to be the best and to provide exceptional service day after day. We deliver on time, every time. We have no excuses and no nonsense. We get the job done.

Our more than 80 loyal clients based throughout South Africa are rest assured in a solid and highly valued partnership that we work extremely hard at keeping strong.

Looking for a truck hire near me? Look no further. 

What we do best

We simplify your mobile logistical demands and keep your options uncomplicated, easy and cost effective. At Johannesburg Truck Hire we strive to provide a holistic transport solution for your one-stop convenience. From logistics to warehousing, rental to rigging, we get the best results for your unique demands.

We offer a comprehensive fleet leasing and management service that includes vehicle finance and a maintenance package suitable to any commercial or corporate entity.

Our fleet is secured with Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance and all our vehicles are fitted with live satellite tracking. All our staff have been cleared by the police and our drivers carry cellphones at all times. Our trucks and drivers meet all legal requirements and the drivers are constantly trained in driving techniques, safety standards and route navigation.

Our fleet is regularly maintained to the highest standard and undergoes routine inspections.

The best truck hire company near you

We know the greater Johannesburg area like the engines of our trucks. We know which roads are shortest, less congested and best maintained at any given time. We know the city’s beltway and how to navigate the three freeways that loop the city. We know when to avoid or head out for the Gilooly’s Interchange, one of the busiest interchanges in the southern hemisphere or to downtown Doornfontein or a tight-fit CBD. It has been said the N1 is the busiest road in the country and Johannesburg boasts the most freeways connected to it. We can help you plan and plot the best times to keep your trip hassle free and quick.

Whether you need to move, store or lift goods from Soweto to Sandton, the Multiflora Flower Market or the Crown Industrial Area, Jet Park to Alrode, we will find the best route and the most suitable vehicle to do the job effectively at the best time.

Our Truck Rental Prices

We tailor-make our services and prices to our customers’ unique business demands. Our rate structure is affordable and highly competitive. Our rates are calculated per vehicle size and body volume to rate per driver and per kilometer or per day. We calculate our rates from our depot to the collection address and back to our depot after offloading. Our prices cover the costs for the vehicle, driver, live satellite tracking and 24 hour emergency breakdown assistance. It does not include the kilometer expenses, fuel, tollgate fees and cost of Goods in Transit Insurance.

Types of Trucks for Rent

Our product range comprises various size flatbeds and panelvans, as well as drop side trucks and mobile or truck fitted cranes.


We have an all-purpose panelvan fleet range that carry a variety of load capacities.

You can load anything from furniture, electrical equipment and boxes to bulk bags and preserved food in a truck that ranges from one, two and three tons to five, eight and 20 tons.


Whether you need to move building material or to haul equipment for your industrial venture or landscaping machinery and big planting and ploughing implements for your farm, we have a flatbed size truck for you. Our one ton flatbed is ideal for hauling higher quantities of smaller packages that need to be moved quickly and long distances.

The 20 and 32 ton flatbeds are available with or without a crane. The 20 and 32 ton flatbed is ideal to transport large, bulky monster loads like heavy machinery, vehicles and industrial equipment and material.

Crane and Rigging services

Our crane fitted trucks are ideal options for the transportation of heavy and abnormal loads. Whatever you have to transport from anything from steel structures and heavy machinery to large containers, steel pipes, cable or industrial tyres our mobile and truck cranes make for smooth and painless offloads.

Why choose us?

We want to lead the way in our line of business. We want to be the best truck hire company in Johannesburg. To do this we pay meticulous attention to everything in our business, at all times, every day. Our trucks are well-maintained, impeccably clean and in compliance with all South African transport statutory requirements.

Our prices are competitive, cost effective and affordable.

Our service delivery is of the highest standard and underpinned by well trained, courteous, friendly and considerate staff. We operate in a dynamic and flexible environment where anything from natural disasters to special events can impact the plans at any given time. We stay on top of the demands of the day, be it traffic congestion, road works, loading challenges or the weather. We have offices in Fourways, Midrand, Sandton and Brooklyn Pretoria. Our online facility allows for quick and accurate quotes according to your specifications.

We work tirelessly to maintain exceptional standards and cultivate constructive partnerships with our clients. Your business is important to us and we will make sure our part of your journey will be productive, cost effective and successful.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to rent a truck in South Africa?

How much does it cost to hire a truck?

Answer: The cost of hiring a truck can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the vehicle, the length of the rental period, and the distance you need to travel. It's best to get a quote from us to get an accurate estimate of the cost.

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