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Cranes For Hire

Crane Hire Services from Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire.

When you need powerful lifting and hoisting solutions for construction, mining, manufacturing or any other heavy industry project, Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire has the equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently. As the region's leader in crane rental services, we offer an extensive fleet of late-model cranes complemented by certified operators, riggers and field experts to ensure optimal performance and compliance every step of the way.

24+ Years in the truck and crane hire industry.
Rough Terrain Cranes

For rough terrain, pick-and-carry, and off-road jobsites, we offer an extensive selection of crane rentals ideal for applications like facility construction, tilt-up concrete work, steel erection, and overhead lifting tasks on uneven ground conditions. Our rough terrain cranes feature 4-wheel and 6-wheel drive options.

Truck Mounted Cranes
Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck mounted cranes offer excellent maneuverability and faster setup compared to larger crawler cranes. We have multiple boom truck configurations ranging from 14 tonnes to 100+ tonnes of lift capacity for jobs like setting trusses and lifting materials on commercial and residential sites.

Crawler Cranes
Crawler Cranes

For heavy industrial and heavy highway projects, our crawler crane hire options provide immense lifting capacities along with unmatched stability and mobility on rugged ground. Our modern hydraulic crawler cranes range from 40 tonnes for basic plant work up to an impressive 500 tonnes.

All-Terrain Cranes
All-Terrain Cranes

When you need a crane that can travel on public roads yet provide outstanding pick-and-carry and off-road capabilities, our all-terrain cranes fit the bill. These versatile cranes come in a range of sizes up to 500 tonnes for maximum flexibility across construction sites.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance
Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety and regulatory compliance is our top priority at Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire. We make substantial investments each year into rigorous inspection, maintenance and operator training programs to ensure our cranes meet or exceed all safety and compliance standards set forth by SASAC, the Department of Labour, OHSA and other governing bodies.

Crane Rental Fleet
Our Crane Rental Fleet

At the core of our crane hire services is one of the most comprehensive, well-maintained crane fleets in Johannesburg. Our inventory includes rough terrain, truck mounted, crawler, all-terrain and other crane configurations to handle lifting requirements for virtually any industrial application. With crane sizes ranging from 30 tonnes up to 500 tonnes of maximum lift capacity, we have a solution suited for projects large and small.

Cranes For Hire

Our Range of Mobile Cranes Includes.

20-Ton Cranes

Ideal for smaller construction projects, renovations, and delicate lifting tasks where precision is paramount.

50-Ton Cranes

Versatile and reliable, our 50-ton cranes are well-suited for a wide range of applications, from infrastructure development to industrial maintenance.

100-Ton Cranes

Offering increased lifting capacity and reach, our 100-ton cranes are perfect for mid-sized construction projects and heavy lifting requirements.

200-Ton Cranes

When you need extra power and versatility, our 200-ton cranes deliver exceptional performance for demanding projects, such as plant installations and structural steel erection.

500-Ton Cranes

The pinnacle of lifting power, our 500-ton cranes are capable of handling the most challenging lifting tasks with precision and efficiency, making them ideal for large-scale industrial projects and infrastructure development.

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