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Transport Logisitics Company Johannesburg

Among the Leading transport and logistics companies in Johannesburg

Logistics broadly refers to the coordination and movement of resources such as liquids, foods, equipment and materials from one destination to another.

There are three major types of logistics companies in Johannesburg: courier companies, warehousing companies, and transport companies.

These companies provide services such as transport, storage, warehousing, distribution, and delivery of goods to consumers. They also offer a variety of other services including packaging, customs clearance, and even courier services for businesses.

At Johannesburg Truck Hire our main objective is to ensure that products reach their destination on time and at an affordable price.

That is how we became one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Johannesburg.

Logistics companies have different business models depending on what type of company they are. Some companies focus on one specific service while others combine several services.

Logistics management entails the allocation of the correct amount of a resource or input at the appropriate time. It is also to ensure resources get to the set location in a proper condition while delivering it to the correct client.

Services Overview

While transportation and logistics are used as if it means the same thing, the difference is that transportation refers to the movement of goods from one point to another. Logistics, on the other hand, refers to an integrated service that includes storage, transportation, loading and packaging of goods.

Logistics may also include information, inventory management, warehousing, material management, disposal, security, and storage of goods across the entire economic spectrum ranging from the chemical, energy, engineering and agricultuiral sectors to consumer and retail industries.

Some companies prefer to do all or part of their supply chain and logistics management themselves.

Working in collaboration with a professional logistics and transport company can unlock a number of benefits:


Key to customer satisfaction is a company’s ability to fill orders on time and accurately. This often requires the use of specialist equipment operated by skilled staff. Logistics organisations have invested in the appropriate technology and training of their workforce so they can minimise delays and mistakes.


The Johannesburg Truck Hire fleet offers a variety of trucks and cranes, ranging from one, four and eight ton panelvans to 32 ton flatbeds with or without a crane. The drivers and operators are well trained and carry appropriate licensing to operate these vehicles.


Logistics companies need to invest in and stay abreast of the technology that drives continuous and efficient growth. Tracking software and other digitised options such as transportation software to automate load scheduling are but some of the state of the art technological assets to fast track output.


Logistics companies have greater capacity to adjust to changes in their processes, transportation methods and even routes if faced with unexpected disruptions in the supply chain.

Warehousing and storage

Some companies do not have the means, industry knowledge or network to find appropriate storage facilities at the best locations and within budget. Logistics companies can save their clients time and stress by finding the best and the most suitable warehouses for their clients.

How to choose the best transport and logistics company near you


Does the logistic company offer value for money by matching cost to promise of performance? Is the company upfront and transparent about all the costs involved or are there any hidden costs that could make for unpleasant surprises?

Efficient service

Can the company deliver on its promises within the agreed time frame and cost arrangement? You need to be assured your client expectations will not be disrupted by a logistics company’s inability to meet deadlines.


Logistic companies tend to focus on those aspects of the supply chain they know best, be it packaging, shipping or storage. Your needs will determine which company will best deliver your requirements. Some companies however do offer a more holistic service and prides itself in a skilled workforce across the service spectrum.


Companies today have a greater understanding of the environmental challenges that they face in the execution of their day-to-day economic activities. It has become par for the course to implement and adhere to environmentally friendly policies and procedures across all processes.

Health and safety

South Africa and cities like Johannesburg pose unique challenges when it comes to the safety and security of staff and goods. A successful logistics company will qualify its staff and equipment to meet industry safety standards like that of South Africa’s Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Management procedures and Occupational, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) requirements.

All staff is trained in safety and security protocols and procedures to ensure the protection of life and property. The safety of company staff and the client’s products or property is a central consideration from the point of origin to the final destination.


Successful logistic companies value long term partnerships with their clients. Their reputation matters to them and they will strive to provide a trustworthy and reliable service. You may want to check out the references and testimonials about a company when you consider its compatibility with your unique specifications. Background checks can also be helpful to determine if the company delivers on its promises.

Competitive rates

Johannesburg Truck Hire offers affordable prices and optional pricing structures that will meet your budget, we know cost affects your bottom line and have priced our products and services to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage in your logistics management endeavours.

Logistics management solution

Logistics is a word that has been taken from the military playbook. Supplying troops with the right equipment and supplies during wartime was a matter of life and death in times of war. Commercial logistics management has evolved significantly since the 1950s, with increased consumerism, growth of more complex supply chains, and globalisation.

Combining value-adding and management services with distribution, Johannesburg Truck Hire offers a customised, integrated logistics solution that drives efficiency, improve quality, and create competitive advantage. Johannesburg Truck Hire has specialised knowledge in a variety of sectors and are ready to ensure your supply chain remains an uninterrupted and efficient asset to your business.

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