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Convenient and Efficient Crane Hire in Johannesburg

Your Reliable Crane Hire Solution

Welcome to Johannesburg Truck Hire – your ultimate destination for crane hire solutions. With extensive experience and a diverse fleet at our disposal, we guarantee prompt service. As a respected BEE (Black Economically Empowered) company, we offer both short and long-term crane hire services in Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. Our commitment extends to providing Full Maintenance Leasing (FML) to over 80 loyal long-term clients across South Africa.

Dependable Crane Solutions

Vehicles equipped with cranes efficiently lift, lower, and transport heavy loads. Whether moving concrete or steel beams, our cranes excel in industrial settings. Crane trucks feature loading areas and lattice/knuckle booms, enhancing their adaptability for various tasks.

Efficient Mobile Cranes

Balanced at a fulcrum, mobile cranes lift heavy objects with ease. The crane's beam acts as a lever, and hydraulic cylinders, conveniently controlled from the driver's seat, provide lifting power

Cost-Effective All-in-One Solutions

Our all-in-one crane truck offers simultaneous delivery of goods and freight. Perfect for relocating transformers, containers, generators, steel structures, and more. Our versatile fleet serves diverse projects, from movie productions to mining endeavors.

Versatile Fleet for Various Needs

Based in Johannesburg, our fleet includes an eight-ton crane, a 20-ton flatbed with an integrated crane, and a mobile crane. Mobile cranes provide unmatched flexibility, especially in tight spaces and restricted passages.

Affordable Mobile Crane Truck Hire in Johannesburg

Experience Cost-Effective Mobile Crane Hire.

Efficient Abnormal Load Transportation

Navigating loads that surpass road traffic limitations demands expertise. Our 20 20-ton flatbed with a mobile crane serves as the perfect solution for such scenarios. Reach out via our website for a comprehensive quote and guidance on necessary permits.

Reliable Mobile Crane Hire for Heavy Equipment

Reliably move heavy equipment on time and within budget. Our well-maintained hauling fleet handles diverse loads, offering safety advice and loading/unloading assistance.

Safe Transport of Steel Structures

Moving hefty steel structures demands precision and diligence to ensure safety. Our mobile and truck-mounted cranes excel in handling the lifting of steel columns, pipes, plates, and various other structures, guaranteeing secure transportation.

Efficient Container Transport and Mobile Crane Hire

Container shipping via road proves economical and efficient. Containers offer user-friendly loading and unloading options. Success in container shipping hinges on several components working in harmony, a service that our experienced staff, drivers, and crew excel at providing.

Specialized Mobile Crane Hire for Mini-Sub Moving

Relocating sub-stations demands meticulous planning and specialized skills. Our fleet, combined with operational proficiency, ensures the seamless execution of these intricate and often time-sensitive projects.

Professional Mobile Crane Hire for Factory Removals

The relocation of an entire factory is no small feat. Proper planning and specialized equipment are essential to ensure a smooth transition. Our experienced team offers guidance on best practices, identifies optimal access routes, and provides heavy lift facilities.

Prioritising Insurance and Safety

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. All our vehicles are insured with Goods in Transit Insurance (GIT). Our team members undergo thorough security checks, and drivers possess valid professional licenses. Equipped with cellphones and trained to maintain vigilance, our staff ensures secure transportation.

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