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Furniture Removals Johannesburg

Make home and office relocation easy with the best furniture removal company in Johannesburg

Who we are

We are a leading moving company in Johannesburg with its roots firmly planted in African soil.

Moving can be a traumatic, stressful and overwhelming experience and give you sleepless nights. How do you find a company that you can trust to move your hard earned belongings safely and not ask you an arm and a leg to do so?

How do know your stuff will be looked after and what happens when something goes missing or breaks? Will it break your bank to use professionals when you move and what are the pointers you need to think about when you search for the right moving company?

Why we are the top moving company in Johannesburg.

We know our business

We know the tools of our trade. We have a range of truck sizes to match your load, be it big or small. Our trucks are well maintained, impeccably clean and adhere to all South African legal requirements and safety standards. Our home and office relocation pricing is affordable and we always aim to give you value for money.

We know our customers

We are fully aware of the strain, stress and discomfort you need to negotiate when you move. We would like to help you alleviate the agony with good planning, professional packing and loading and safe travels to your new home or office. We respect people’s privacy and property and will go to great pains to handle your belongings with consideration and care when you make use of our furniture removals services.

We know our staff

It is our staff’s motto to make your move as easy, simple and cost-effective as can be. The staff is trained to excel at their specific tasks, be it assessing your load, planning the trip, packing and loading your furniture or driving the truck. Our dedicated teams of movers in Johannesburg are fully committed to provide a professional service, are absolutely trustworthy and take care to keep your belongings safe.

We know our area

We know the area in which we operate. We know the freeways and bypasses that feed our city, the smarter routes and best maintained roads to move your home in good time and with peace of mind. We plan our trips and commitments, knowing the traffic cycles and route preferences that facilitate quick and easy access to and from your destination.

The benefits of using a professional movers for home and office relocations in Johannesburg

Cost-effective and budget friendly

With so much variables to consider when you relocate your office or your house, you will be wise to invest in a professional team that delivers a trustworthy service at a price and time you agreed upon before a single thing is packed. A professional moving company will be attentive to your budget, time restraints and payment options.

Efficient and competent

Practice makes perfect and it is true that moving companies have seen the best of moving practices and the worst of moving excursions. We constantly refine the way we do things to reinforce what works and cut out what is not safe or productive.

Saving time and energy

Because we have a holistic approach to the moving process by including an assessment of your needs, planning the packing and loading and then doing the job efficiently, you can save time, energy and effort by doing things right the first time.

Safe and secure

We keep track of everything we pack, load and move to make sure you have peace of mind that your property will be safe and secure all the way to its final destination. Most companies have extensive training programmes for their drivers that include heavy load driving skills development, as well as negotiating safe and reliable routes.

No hidden cost

Assessment and planning goes a long way to cut out unforeseen costs and unpleasant payment demands after the move. You will want to agree with the moving company on exactly what you pay for, how much and when. We offer specified and detailed quotations and commitments to make sure all parties are on the same page before any action is undertaken.

How do we make your move better?

The most successful move starts with knowing what you will be moving. Most homes will have a potpourri of big and small, bulky and compact items that need to be packed, loaded and sometimes stored. Our professional team will first assess what needs to be done, how much it will cost and how long it will take. Your acceptance of the quote sets all action in motion.

A typical move can entail drawing up a full inventory of the property to be moved, the packing and wrapping of all loose and smaller items and then loading the containers and furniture onto the truck. The driver will negotiate the most appropriate and cost-efficient route, making sure all paperwork with regard to fuel and toll gates are meticulously kept. Once at the destination, the staff will offload everything and check the inventory.

Frequently asked questions:

Why should I use a furniture removal company in Johannesburg?

A professional company knows how to pack and load your property with maximum damage control and to negotiate the smartest routes to move your office or house safely.

Is it safe to use a furniture removal company?

Yes, your property will be listed and great care is taken in the packing and loading of every item. Drivers are trained to handle heavy loads and make sure they use safe and secure routes.

Do movers protect your furniture

Most movers offer insurance or damage management packages that will safeguard your property and ensure peace of mind in case of any losses.

Do movers put furniture in rooms?

Movers agree with clients where items will be placed at the end destination of the move.

How do I find a reliable moving company in Gauteng?

Shop around. An online search of moving companies in Gauteng will offer a myriad of options. You may want to have a look at the testimonials about the company. Ask friends, family and neighbours for references of reputable companies.

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