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Machine Moving and Rigging

One of the Best Machine Moving and Rigging Companies in Johannesburg

We have refined our service options for machine moving and rigging in Johannesburg.

Our machine moving and rigging division was created in 2007. In order to guarantee a high level of quality service, we employ only the most highly trained riggers, crane operators, and drivers. Our rigging equipment, such as slings, dollies, and spreader bars, has all been load tested and approved.

But what exactly is machine moving and rigging and what kind of equipment is needed to do the job?

Rigging is the method of moving, securing, or putting down a load while employing mechanical shifting equipment. It also entails the erection and dismantling of cranes and hoists. Using cranes and hoists and other apparatus like chain blocks and winch systems, riggers effectively move heavy objects. Many elements must be taken into account during rigging, and it can be a difficult task to get the job done well the first time. Before lifting a load, the safest way to move it must be determined, and the load must then be handled and placed correctly.

Rigging equipment is the devices and elements used to safely heave, pull, push and lift huge objects as part of a planned system implemented by a crew of riggers. The type of rigging job will dictate the kind of moving devices used. To illustrate, think of a jack used for lifting, skates and dollies used for pushing, chains, hooks, and tie-downs required for pulling, and chain hoists used for lifting. Sometimes, cranes and forklifts are needed when large or heavy equipment has to be moved. You'll need rigging equipment if you want to lift the hefty object onto a crane, for example.

What do we offer?

Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire has a highly competent work team and an impeccably maintained fleet for the effective rigging, loading, transportation, offloading and positioning of large, heavy and intricate industrial machinery. We can move one machine or your entire factory, depending on your needs.

Our services also include

Turn-key projects

Our mission is to make sure you have peace of mind knowing your project will meet its deadlines and be completed within budget, from beginning to end.

Plant relocations

Whether you need to relocate for whatever reason, we can partner the process from deconstructing and transport to reassembly and commissioning.

Plant dismantling

Decommissioning large steel structures such as production lines, metal halls, and support structures can be a tough task. The health, safety, and environmental impacts of our actions are taken into consideration at all times.

Heavy hauling

Heavy haul cargoes necessitate particular handling, route optimisation, and appropriate permits due to their weight.


Our team specialises in the installation and maintenance of stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in places like factories and manufacturing facilities.

Investment recoveries

At Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire we can assist your management of the reuse and disposal of surplus materials, equipment and products that you generate in the course of your main business activities.

Moving farm equipment and mining or hospital machinery

It doesn't matter if you work in agriculture, mining, or medicine; if you have to move big machinery, you need to do it safely and effectively. We can help.

Engineering projects

Despite their complexity, engineering projects needn't be complicated if they're well planned and implemented with the help of ra reliable supply partner like Johannesburg Truck and Crane Hire.

Machinery overhauls

Regular maintenance is essential for large firms that rely on a variety of machines to keep their production operations streamlined and on the go. We have the people, equipment, and vehicles to help you get your machine back in working order so you can be rest assured that it will last.

Production line set-ups

Your production line should be set up in a way that maximises the efficiency of your resources and speeds up the creation of your finished product. Large machineries are a necessity in nearly every industrial setting. You can rely on our specialists and equipment to help you set up your manufacturing line efficiently.

Plant installations

We install machinery, equipment, and systems wherever they're needed, whether it's a single machine, an entire production line, an entire industrial process system, or a complete facility. Unexpected downtime, poor product quality and lower throughput might result from shoddy machinery installation. To avoid these issues and start your business on schedule and on budget, contact us today.

Prevent a container crises

Containers are utilised in both domestic and international shipping. Transporting cargo in containers has simplified the flow of goods and is one of the most cost-effective methods available. Containers are a useful method of carrying cargo since they are easy to load and unload. Cranes and specialised flatbed trucks are used to carry the containers from their location to the transportation vehicle via a fully mechanised handling system, and then to its destination where it is offloaded.

The phrase "Container Stuffing" is used to describe the process of loading containers onto cargo ships for transportation. This is the reverse of "container stripping," which is the process of emptying a container. It's a lot more difficult than it appears to load shipping containers. It is a process that requires careful planning and execution. One of our top priorities is to ensure that the commodities we receive are handled in a safe and efficient manner.

We provide container transportation services both nationally and across borders to neighbouring countries, and we will ensure that all necessary abnormal load clearances and paperwork are in order to keep the trip on time.

Types of containers that we transport nationwide:

  • Empty 6m or 12m containers
  • Full 6m or 12m containers
  • 3m, 6m, 9m and 12 m park homes

Twist locks are used to secure the containers to the flatbed. To assure the safety and integrity of the container while in transit, each container is numbered and has a live satellite tracking service that includes vehicle recovery.

Whatever the distance, we've got you covered. Contact our professional team today for a quote.

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